Cash Pickup

Receive cash in real-time from 8000+ pickup locations spread across all the provinces of Nepal.

How to send Cash Pickup?

1. Create your account.

Sign up online or in our app for free using your email address. Verify your identity and your account is ready.

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2. Choose the method of transfer.

Select Cash Pickup as a mode of transfer. Recipient can collect their money anywhere in Nepal from our 8,000+ payout locations.

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3. Add the recipient’s details.

Recipient’s details should be exactly as it appears on their ID.

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4. Enter the transfer amount.

Tell us how much you want to send. You will see the exchange rate and the fees associated with the transfer upfront.

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5. Pay for your transfer.

Pay via direct bank transfer or PayID to our bank account and upload the screenshot of the payment.

6. Inform the recipient.

Pass the PIN number to your recipient. Recipients must provide a government-issued proof of identity and a control number when they come to collect cash.