Our Vision

To be the first choice in money remittance services in Australia, and other countries where we intend to operate from, by operating with integrity and our commitment to improving the quality of life of the communities we serve.

 Our Mission

To provide a digital platform to migrants to transfer their hard-earned money to their loved ones in the quickest, cheapest and safest way possible along with the superior customer experience driven by continually upgraded technology and innovative product options.

Our Story

We are a group of like-minded individuals living in Australia who all have experienced the difficult and lengthy process of sending money home. Not just that the most existing Remittance Service Providers to Nepal in Australia struggle to incorporate technology in their service but are also unsafe and untrustworthy as they still use illegal channels to send money back home.

So, to offer you a superior way of sending money, payRu was created.

 To achieve our main aim of making remittance easy, safe and affordable for Nepali migrants in Australia, we have partnered with eSewa, a pioneer in the Nepali fintech industry who has completely revolutionize the banking and commerce sector of Nepal with its online payment platform. It has been trusted by over 15 million users for more than a decade for digital financial transactions.

Hence, our industry-leading swift money transfer system is incorporated with eSewa’s network of 8,000+ remittance payout agents spread across Nepal to allow our customers to send their money directly from their smartphone or computer at the lowest possible cost and in real-time. 

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Ways to send money using payRu