Frequently Asked Questions

Cash Pickup – FAQS

1. What does my receiver need to collect cash in Nepal?

Your receiver needs a government-issued photo ID and Transaction Reference Number to collect cash in Nepal. The full name of the receiver stated in the photo ID must match the name in the transaction details.

It is your responsibility to share the Transaction Reference Number with your receiver. You can share the reference number by going to the ‘Activity’ page in the mobile app and navigating to the respective transaction.

Your receiver also gets SMS notification from our Nepal partner eSewa Money Transfer about the Cash Pickup. So, please double check your receiver’s full name and mobile number before proceeding with your transfer.

2. When will my money be ready for collection in Nepal?

Your receiver can collect cash instantly from anywhere in Nepal through 8000+ eSewa Cash Pickup locations.

3. Will my receiver get charged for collecting cash in Nepal?

Your receiver will not be charged when collecting money in Nepal.

4. Why is my receiver not able to collect the cash in Nepal?

If your receiver is having trouble collecting the money in Nepal, please make sure:

  • Your receiver has a valid government-issued photo ID.
  • Your receiver has a valid Transaction Reference Number.
  • Your receiver is collecting cash from eSewa Money Transfer’s cash pickup location.

If your receiver is still having problems collecting the money, please contact us.