What is an eSewa wallet? How to send money to eSewa wallet from Australia?

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November 17, 2021

Many of you who have been living in Australia might not be familiar with the eSewa mobile wallet. But back home, eSewa has become a household name today, with over 4.8 million users.

Established in 2009, eSewa is Nepal’s first online payment gateway and digital wallet. eSewa has revolutionized digital payments and has simplified the lives of Nepalis by providing a one-stop shop for all types of payments.  In Nepal, eSewa is the go-to app for everything from paying water, power, internet and other utility bills, mobile top-ups, flight or bus tickets, movie tickets, insurance premiums, EMI’s, educational institution’s fees to government agencies fees.

It has made lending and borrowing between Nepalis easy and convenient as you can send and receive money instantly in your eSewa wallet in just a few clicks. It is also widely used in online retail shopping as it allows you to make secure and instant payments to the merchants. You can also withdraw your eSewa balance to a bank account or cash out by visiting eSewa Cash Point.  eSewa has been providing its service through its partner network of 50+ Banks and Financial Institutions (BFIs), 150K+ merchants and 130K+ agents spread across Nepal.

The Covid-19 pandemic and prolonged lockdown in Nepal presented the growth opportunity for eSewa.  Safer and contactless digital payment services became a necessity to all classes of people at that time. The pandemic inspired more people to shift and adapt to cashless and contactless digital payments. With the huge surge in the number of users, 100 per cent every year in the past five years, eSewa’s mission of creating a cashless economy in Nepal is gradually becoming a reality.

Why do I send money to eSewa wallet?

  • Your receiver gets NPR 100 BONUS if you send them money in their eSewa wallet. Your receiver can only receive this bonus twice a month. The bonus amount will get added to your receiver’s eSewa wallet within 24-48 hours of receiving the remittance. 
  • eSewa is licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank to operate as a Payment Service Provider and is ISO 27001:2013 certified, so it is a safe and highly regulated mode of money transfer.
  • Sending money to your loved ones’ eSewa wallet is like encouraging them to shift to digital payments. Let your loved ones enjoy the convenience of an eSewa wallet 24/7 to complete different essential needs.

What do I need from my receiver to send them money in their eSewa wallet?

You need your receiver’s full name, contact number, address and their eSewa wallet ID.

*eSewa wallet ID is a mobile number or an email address that is registered in eSewa as a mobile wallet.

How much money can I send to an eSewa wallet from Australia?

You can send from NPR 200 to NPR 10 Lakhs.

How do I send money to eSewa wallet through PayRu?

  • If you are a first-time user, you need to download the PayRu app and register with us. The one-time registration process is simple and takes just a few minutes.
  • Click on ‘Send Money’ then ‘Select Receiver’ drop-down menu, where you can add a new receiver. All you need to fill in is the receiver’s details.
  • After that, choose ‘Mobile Wallet’ from the drop-down menu in the Payout Method, ‘eSewa Wallet’ in the Wallet option and finally enter your receiver’s ‘eSewa ID’ in the Wallet ID field.
  • Once you create and select the receiver, you can enter the transfer amount in AUD or NPR.
  • Review the amount, exchange rate, service fee and pay for your transfer.
  • Lastly, hit the ‘Send money’ button.

That’s itWe’ll handle the rest from here. Your receiver instantly gets the money in their eSewa mobile wallet.

Check out eSewa’s FAQs to learn more about their service.

Now you know what eSewa wallet is, then what are you waiting for?

Wait no more and send your first money transfer to your loved ones’ eSewa wallet.


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