How does PayRu Remit work?

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August 3, 2021

If you want to know how PayRu Remit works, look no further. We’ve put together a step-by-step procedure to guide you through.

Read on or watch the video below to find out how to use PayRu Remit, including how to sign up, complete KYC and how to send your first money transfer to Nepal.

How to register with PayRu Remit?

You can register with PayRu Remit in just a few minutes. Go to or download the PayRu Remit app on iOS or Android to get started. All you need are:

  • Your full name as it appears on your ID
  • An email address
  • PIN of your choice

How to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process?

Before we can process your first transaction, we need you to complete the KYC so that we can verify your identity. Identity verification will only be done once for the first transaction and is required by the law. The KYC verification process is quick and easy. All you need is:

Any Government-issued photo identification document (ID). 
  • Drivers License
  • Proof of Age or Photo ID Card issued by Government
  • Passport

If you upload a Passport as your identity document, you must upload an additional document to prove your residential address.

Any “Proof of residential address” document 
  • Utility Bills (Electricity, Gas, Telephone or Water bills)
  • Bank Statement
  • Any government letter with an address

Once you upload your ID documents, we will verify your identity and you will be able to send your first money transfer to Nepal.

How to send money with PayRu App?

When you log into your PayRu account via the PayRu app, click on ‘Send Money’ then ‘Select Receiver’ drop-down menu, where you can add a new receiver. All you need to fill in is the receiver’s details.

  • Your receiver’s first and last name.
  • Contact number
  • Address

Also, depending on your payout/delivery method, you also need:

  • Your receiver’s bank name and account number
  • Your receiver’s eSewa Wallet ID

Once you create and select the receiver, then you can enter the transfer amount in AUD. You will see the exchange rate, the fees associated with the transfer and the corresponding amount in NPR.

With your receiver created, and the transfer amount calculated, all that remains is to pay for your transfer.

You can pay by online bank transfer to our account number or PayID that is displayed on the screen. You must upload the screenshot of the bank transfer as proof of payment.

Finally, tap ‘Send money‘, and enter your 4 digits PIN to authorize the transfer.

That’s it. We’ll handle the rest from here. Your receiver gets the money in a matter of minutes.

Sign up today and get your first money transfer free. Download the PayRu app on iOS or Android and enjoy our market-leading rate and lowest fee.

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