What is the cheapest way to send money from Australia to Nepal?

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July 31, 2022

Do you know about the digital remittance service, which has the cheapest way to send money to your loved one safely?

Digital remittance services are getting popular these days. Sending money overseas from a bank used to be the most preferred way to transfer money from Australia. However, people are avoiding sending money via bank these days as they offer low foreign exchange rates and charge high fees.

If you have been thinking about sending money from Australia to Nepal but don’t have an idea where to send it from, this article will help you. There are many factors that you need to know before you decide to send money overseas. Hence, this post will guide you through the cheapest way to send money with detailed information about digital remittance platforms. 

cheapest way to send money

Choosing a simple, cheap and secure method of sending money can be challenging for you if you have just arrived from Nepal and are new in Australia. Some of the money transfer service providers operating in Australia to Nepal corridor are Remitly, Terrapay, WireBarley, LegalRemit, PayRu Remit, MoneyGram, WorldRemit, SHIFT, and Tranglo

Nevertheless, PayRu Remit is the best remittance service provider out of these. PayRu offers excellent exchange rates with various offers and no hidden fees. With PayRu, the value of transactions will determine the transfer fees and the total NPR amount you want the receiver to receive in Nepal. Affordability, convenience, and safety are the three things that make PayRu stand out from other remittance services.

PayRu Remit

PayRu Remit is an excellent option for sending money to Nepal instantly to your family. It helps you send money effortlessly and safely with the lowest possible expenses. PayRu Remit is an AUSTRAC-registered remittance provider in Australia. It is also registered in Nepal with Nepal Rastra Bank as foreign remittance partner of eSewa Money Transfer.

cheapest way to send money


Fast: PayRu provides quick service to their customers. After the transaction, your recipient will receive the amount within 5 minutes or less.

Low-cost: You can send the maximum amount through PayRu as the transfer rate is just $4.99, and your first and fourth transfer is free. It is the platform of the cheapest way to send money.

Best Exchange Rate: PayRu provides better exchange rates than other remittance services, as you can compare the PayRu exchange rates with others.

Convenient: It is easy to use and transfer your funds. 

Trustworthy:  PayRu is a verified remittance service provider regulated by the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) in Australia and by Nepal Rastra Bank in Nepal.

Safe and secure:  PayRu provides the safety of your personal information and transaction details.

24/7 Customer Service:  You can easily send your money with PayRu using their app. You don’t need to call or message. It provides fast service and is available 24/7.

cheapest way to send money

How does it work?

PayRu is easy to use as you only need to register an account and select a transfer method. There are several transfer methods available for sending money. Choose an option to complete your transfer quickly and without visiting a bank.

You don’t need to visit, call, or message if you want to transfer money through PayRu. You can quickly use the best service by downloading the PayRu app, signing in, and using it. With PayRu Remit, you will only pay a small processing fee for each transaction. PayRu remit won’t charge any extra fees on your first two transfers. 

cheapest way to send money

 Methods to transfer money with PayRu

  1. Instant Bank Transfer: You can send money to multiple banks and financial institutions in Nepal via instant bank transfer.
  2. Cash Pickups: Receive cash from 10000+ cash pickup locations.
  3. Esewa Wallet: Send your money to the receiver’s eSewa wallet.
cheapest way to send money

How to transfer money with PayRu?

  1. Visit payru.com.au or launch the PayRu app, which is available for iOS and Android.
  2. Create an account with your email address to confirm your identity.
cheapest way to send money
  1. Select a transfer method:
  •  Bank Deposit
  •  Cash pickup
  •  Esewa Wallet
  1. Enter the eSewa wallet or bank account information for your recipient.
  2. Enter the transfer amount, and the exchange rate will be displayed upfront.
cheapest way to send money
  1. Pay with a direct bank transfer to our account or PayID, then upload a screenshot of the transaction.
  2. Your transfer is ready to be delivered. Within minutes of sending the funds, your receiver will get them.

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