The Essence of Dashain: Celebration of Truth

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October 13, 2021

Dashain is one of the most cherished festivals of Nepal, celebrated by Nepalis, throughout the world. Dashain usually falls in autumn (September or October) and is celebrated for ten days continuously. Each day is linked to a specific religious reason. This year, the festival starts from 10 Ashwin and lasts till 19 Ashwin as per the Nepali Calendar. During the Navaratri (the first nine days of the festival), the Navadurga is worshipped as a divine mother goddess by visiting temples (Shakti peeths), performing innumerable pujas and sacrificing animals.

Dashain honours the divine beings’ tremendous victory over evil demons. When goddess Durga defeated an evil-spirited monster known as “Mahisasur” who spread panic and fear, the celebration ignited. The victory by goddess Durga over the devil also represents the celebration of truth, always winning over sin and deceit. Apart from Goddess Durga’s glorious victory, the celebration also honours God Ram’s victory over the devil Ravan.

Dashain is an auspicious festival for all age groups of people. The extended families gather to celebrate the occasion with a feast including different delicacies of goat meat, organized from the 7th day until the last day of the Dashain. The festival is a great opportunity for families who haven’t seen each other in a long time to reunite. Families get together and enjoy quality time, by playing cards and flying kites. In addition, giant bamboo swings (Linge Ping) are built in the neighbourhoods for children to play.

Ghatasthapana, the first day of the Dashain, falls on 26th September this year, while Pulpati falls on 2nd October, Ashtami is on October 3rd, Nawami is on October 4th, and Dashami is on October 5th. Dashami is the day when everyone puts Tika and Jamara from the family’s elder members and receives Dakshina, a type of gift and blessing. The occasion of Dashain is enjoyed for four more days until October 9, Kojagrat Purnima. Relatives and extended family members visit each other’s homes until Kojagrat Purnima to put tika and seek blessings.

Dashain Celebration in Australia

The Dashain festival in Australia during the 2010s used to be a bit incomplete as there was no wider access to items to perform religious ceremonies. Gone are the days when people used to struggle just to get goat meats. With 13OK+ Nepal−born people living in Australia now, there are Hindu Temple, Nepali grocery and butcher stores in all the capital cities, making Dashain celebrations more delightful.

Lately, the number and quality of Nepali community programs have grown significantly, offering something for all age groups. Nepali community organizations and other event companies are organizing various Dashain get together and musical programs all over Australia, where Nabin K Bhattarai, Sugam Pokhrel, Susant KC, The Axe Band, Albatross and other artists are performing. 

For the last two years, many of you weren’t able to celebrate Dashain with families back home in Nepal due to COVID border restrictions and were forced to celebrate the festival wherever you were in Australia. But, this year, with the ease in the covid restriction, life has come back to normal, allowing people to travel to Nepal for Dashain. Likewise, many parents are visiting Australia from Nepal for this annual celebration.

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