Why PayRu Remit is best money transfer service for sending money to Nepal?

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August 3, 2021

If you are an immigrant or expat from Nepal and you frequently send money home, then you want your Money Transfer Service Provider to be/have:

  • Low-cost
  • Fast
  • Best Exchange Rate
  • Safe
  • Convenient
  • Best Payout Network
  • Trustworthy

If you can find a Money Transfer Service Provider with all these components, then you have found the best Money Transfer Service to Nepal!

We Nepalis living in Australia have always been troubled by the hassle of sending money home. It used to take days for your money to be paid to the receiver, which also in some instances used to be underpaid than the amount it should be. Money Transfer Service Providers used to display minimum accountability in customer and financial services and customer’s trust and confidence towards them was very low.

PayRu Remit was established to address all these issues using technology and with the mission to change the way Nepalis were sending money back home.

If you want to send money quickly, easily and safely to Nepal with the best rates and low fees, then PayRu Remit is for you.

By now, you must be wondering why PayRu is the best.


Low-cost: Our transfers cost just $5. However, your transfer fee is on us right now so that your loved ones receive the maximum of the money. This has been possible due to our commitment to play a part in supporting the Nepali community to recover from the devastating impact of COVID-19 both here in Australia and Nepal.

Fast: 99% of transfers gets paid to your receiver in Nepal in 5 minutes or less.

Best Exchange Rate: Our “Best Rate Guarantee” policy is a promise to bring you the best possible rate every day. Our exchange rates are the highest among all the other Money Transfer Providers to Nepal. You can compare our rates with others to know the difference.

Convenient: You don’t need to visit, call or message us. Our app is clear and simple and takes minutes to sign up. You can send money whenever you need to, wherever you are, 24/7, directly from your smartphone or computer.

Trustworthy: We are registered in AUSTRAC, Australia as a Remittance Service Provider and with Nepal Rastra Bank as a foreign remittance partner of eSewa Money Transfer. 

Safe: Your personal and transactional data are well protected with our sophisticated KYC and AML/CTF compliance system.

Best Payout Network: We have 8,000+ Esewa remittance payout agents, including all the banks and financial institutions of Nepal and 1,00,000+ eSewa mobile wallet agents, spread across Nepal in your service.

PayRu adheres to a strategy of continual customer experience improvement to ensure that you receive high-quality service. We know the true value of your hard-earned money. That is why we try to get your money where it needs to go as quickly as possible.

Have you figured out which money transfer is best for sending money to Nepal?

If not, give PayRu a try by downloading our app!

Sign up today and get your first money transfer free. Download the PayRu app on iOS or Android and enjoy our market-leading rate.

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